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Have You Ever Tried Spiritual Sunbathing?

Have You Ever Tried Spiritual Sunbathing? by Darrell Fusaro From Issue #45, August 2018 (Grammy Winner, Paul Williams, Cover), Page 8

“Prayer is not overcoming God’s reluctance, it’s laying hold of His highest willingness.” – Martin Luther

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that the Universe is conspiring on your behalf? Imagine having the confidence that all things at all times are being constantly arranged for your highest good. The truth is they are. You do not need to coerce anyone, including God, to ensure that circumstances will work out for the best. I enjoy how prayer is defined in The Varieties of Religious Experience by William James, “Prayer is the general name for that attitude of open and earnest expectancy.” That’s faith in a nutshell: the enthusiasm felt when we’re convinced something good is about to happen. Choosing to believe that the Universe is conspiring on my behalf stirs up my enthusiasm. When I’m happy and expectant of good things on the inside, I begin seeing evidence of this attitude being reflected back to me in my circumstances. However, steering my will away from pushing and shoving to achieve what I believe will make me happy, and toward trusting that God’s got my back isn’t something I’ve only had to do once and it’s done forever. I need to be willing to take the time to enjoy a little daily spiritual sunbathing. Spiritual sunbathing is taking a break from finding fault. It is a mini mental vacation from my concerns. During this time I choose to believe in positive outcomes. Instead of worrying about what I don’t want to happen, I decide to imagine what I would love to happen. I’ve found that visualizing in this way, rather than imagining the worst and my struggling to overcome situations, to be much more productive because it elevates my consciousness. My intuition, that connection to Divine guidance, is strengthened and I'm open receive hunches. Not long ago I took a trip to New York City. An old friend from Los Angeles had moved there a year earlier. We thought it’d be great to see one another while I was in town. She was an event planner and her days had her busy bouncing all over the city. It became clear that trying to arrange a set time and place to meet would be impossible. So we both cast the burden and were grateful to have reconnected even if just by phone. The next day after enjoying a little spiritual sunbathing in my hotel room at Gramercy Park, I had the inspiration to go for a walk in the city, to roam free without any preconceived destination. When I stepped out of the lobby and on to the street I thought I’d head toward Union Square. It made perfect sense since my old art studio was located there and I thought it’d be nice to reminisce. But I got a hunch to go in the opposite direction and walk north on Irving Place. Since I learned to never argue with a hunch, I did an about-face, waited for the light and when it turned green I crossed. Just as I stepped up onto the sidewalk on the other side of the street, I heard the beeping of a motorcycle horn. Waiting at the light was a blonde in a helmet on a scooter. She was waving in my direction. I was convinced this was for the young good-looking guys seated there at the outdoor café. Before I had a chance to move on, the light changed, she drove over, stopped at the curb and took off her helmet, I nearly collapsed. It was my friend. We were both blown away by the coincidence and enjoyed how Divine timing scheduled our meeting. Hunches are angels saying, “Just do it!” And spiritual sunbathing keeps me receptive to them.

The following is an affirmative prayer to ignite your intuition from Unity’s Daily Word Magazine.

“Whether I’m consciously aware of it or not, my life is continually guided step-by-step toward my best and highest good. I begin by stilling my mind then trusting in divine wisdom to see me through any seeming obstacle. Resting in a comfortable position, I close my eyes. With deliberation, I shut out the outside world. Like a fog lifting, my mind clears, and I tune in to God’s message for me. I remain open to divine direction. With a willingness to listen, I now hear the still, small voice within. This divine whisper of encouragement guides me on my spiritual journey. Through sacred listening, I gain clarity to take inspired action. I am blessed.” –Guidance, Daily Word Magazine, March 17, 2016

Artist Darrell Fusaro is a decorated U.S. Coast Guard veteran and author of “What if Godzilla Just Wanted a Hug?”. To learn more about Darrell visit

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