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Interview with Rockstar, Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer and Founder of Rock to Recovery, Wes Geer

In our upcoming issue, we feature one of our favorite people in the recovery community. Truly. We've had the fortune to interview him twice. He’s a rock guitarist, songwriter and producer who founded the band Hed PE and later toured with the metal band, Korn, traveling to 42 countries, headlining shows and playing to crowds of 80,000 people. 10 years ago, he founded a very cool organization, Rock to Recovery which helps people heal and transform their lives through the powerful experience of writing, playing, and performing music as a group. Join the 10 Year Celebration HERE! Wes can describe in detail exactly what happens in the brain as people create and perform music. It’s magical. Recovery Today Correspondent, Jen Sugermeyer interviewed Wes for this feature which you are sure to love. Subscribe now, Free, at

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