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Mice Who Don't Like Coke!

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Interview with Dr. Vivek Kumar of the World Renowned Jax Laboratory

Throwback shorty to Interview with Dr. Vivek Kumar of the JAX Laboratory! Issue #79, April, 2002. (Jared Weeks is the Cover) Download the entire interview now .. while it's still free.


He's a neuroscientist, associate professor at The Jackson Laboratory, and lead researcher of the Kumar Lab studies brain pathways to understand addiction, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, depression and other behaviors.

He's conducted research at The Jackson Laboratory for over 7 years, with the goal of developing new preclinical assays of psychiatric diseases. Lastly, he's spent a majority of his post-graduate research working on functional genomics approaches to dissect the genetics of addiction.

Vivek Kumar, JAX Institute, DNA of Addiction

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