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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Shares part of his Addiction Story with Recovery Today. Sober now for 40 years

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Issue 87 Features our Exclusive Interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. In this video, he shares how he was introduced to drugs as a young boy. What followed, after the tragedies his family endured and which the world mourned, was 14 years of addiction. Then, following these 14 years, more than 40 years of sobriety with as many as 9 meetings a week and over 10,000 meetings in total.

We've never interviewed anyone with RFK Jrs, knowledge of this disease. NO "Teleprompter," he can talk for 15 minute stretches including names, dates, places and exact quotes about addiction recovery. His plan for Healing Farms to turn the tide on the Opiate Crisis, gives real hope for ... those suffering, which is virtually everyone. Download the full issue now. Watch the full, unedited version and read about his plans.

Keywords: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. RFK Jr. Addiction, Sobriety, Recovery, alcoholics anonymous, narcotics anonymous, heroin, opiates, healing centers, opiate crisis.

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1 Comment

Frank Sterle
Frank Sterle
Sep 23, 2023

I myself have suffered enough unrelenting ACE-related hyper-anxiety to have known, enjoyed and appreciated the great release upon consuming alcohol or THC. Yet, I once was one of those who, while sympathetic, would look down on those who’d ‘allowed’ themselves to become addicted to alcohol and/or illicit 'hard' drugs.

Neglecting people dealing with debilitating drug addiction should never have been an acceptable or preferable political option. But the more callous politics that are typically involved with lacking addiction funding/services tend to reflect conservative electorate opposition, however irrational, against making proper treatment available to low- and no-income addicts.

It’s like some people are actually considered disposable.

Even to an otherwise relatively civilized nation, their worth is measured basically by their sober…

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