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"This is how I got the nickname, "Chucky!" Interview with Author & Comedic Actress, Jessica Landon

In our next issue, we feature the inspiration behind our popular and hilarious ongoing feature, the "Laughter Detox" with Jessica Landon. Subscribe now, Free, at

The Laughter Detox

Yes, Laughing Really is Good for You

Interview with Jessica Landon

The first time I saw one of her skits, I was on Instagram. I almost passed out with laughter. I bet I watched it 20 times, pretty much roaring with laughter and wiping a tears … just about every time. Even now, as I prepared and watched one of her skits I first saw years ago, … , I busted a gut. A damn good … “Belly Laugh.” God, she is ,…funny! My usual comments on her Insta consist only of a word or two, “Slay me.” There’s nothing else to say....

To read and see the entire feature and story (in our upcoming, soon to be published issue), subscribe free now to us here at Recovery Today.

*LOL, the thumbnail picture is from one of her skits! (Duh).

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